Mindful Telemarketing

I’m a big fan of meditation and mindfulness.

There are a number of definitions of mindfulness on the web, but I like to think of it as living your life the present moment.

When carrying out telemarketing, it’s very easy to stop being in the present moment. For example, you may start your calling day with a specific objective of X amount of appointments, or Y amount of leads – nothing wrong with this by the way!

However, when we get so focused on ‘our’ objectives for the call, we forget that, actually, the most important person on the call is our prospect.

In my early days as a telemarketer, I was guilty of focusing on my needs rather than the clients and I still talk to other telemarketers who see their job to just get an appointment or lead.

But, if we step back from that and become more mindful in the way we call, we can pick up on how a prospect is feeling.

A nice example of this, is a call I made to a prospect who sounded very busy – I acknowledged this and it transpired that they were going on holiday at the end of the week and were rushed off their feet. With this information, I was able to say that it wasn’t a problem, I’d leave them in peace and call them on their return. And by the way, were they going anywhere nice?

It turned out they were going to Alicante and I was able to suggest a visit to a lovely little town called Villa Joyosa whilst they were in the area.

Whilst this may not seem that important, it shows that I listened to the prospect, took an interest in their situation and, critically, when they returned from holiday, I was able to set up an appointment with them.
The next time you are going to make some cold calls, before you pick up the phone, take time to pause, breathe calmly and really focus on what you are doing.

By being more mindful (and alert) you will be surprised at how much you pick up on when making your calls.

And whether you are on the telephone, making supper, visiting friends or even filling out your tax return(!), remember to live in the present moment – it’s so under-rated!