Free Trial

Free Trial

I understand that some prospective clients may be put off telemarketing by the price or being unsure about what results may be achieved.

To that end, I offer a free trial – here’s how it works:

I will deliver, without obligation, a free trial of 30 calls to data supplied by your organisation.

Whilst this is only a small sample, it will allow you to get a feel for both how I work and the potential success of using telemarketing to generate leads for your business.

A caveat:

As you will appreciate, 30 calls is around a third of a days normal calling, so it would be unrealistic to think that at the end of the 30 calls I am going to give you 3 appointments and 5 leads.

What I will give you, is a full report of the trial calling along with any leads or other useful information I am able to obtain.

In delivering trial calls, I make no secret of the fact that I want to secure on-going work from you but I hope that you will agree, that this a fair way of seeing how viable working with me in the future would be.

Please email me for further details: