Managing Your Expectations

One of the biggest issues I encounter when talking to prospective clients about telemarketing, is their expectations.

At the outset, I think it’s important to understand that telemarketing is very much a marathon and not a sprint.
In the years I’ve been doing this, it never ceases to amaze me how many prospective clients expect the telemarketing to be paying for itself from day one.

I know that I am very good at what I do, but it’s just not possible to pick up the phone at 9.00am on the first morning of a campaign and 8 hours later, present 5 appointments, of which 3 will sign up at the first meeting.

In an ideal world I would ring a company and they would say:

“Really interesting that you called, we are actually in the market for your product / service – can you come and see us next Tuesday at 3.30pm. Oh, and bring your order book”

But it simply doesn’t work like that, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are not being straight with you and you would do well to not to given them your business.

On a typical day of calling, I will make 100 phone calls.

I normally uncover either an appointment and/or some lead(s) but there will also be some will be people who say that they are happy with their current supplier, some will simply not be interested, a lot of people will be unavailable and there may even be some dead lines.

That’s the reality.

But if you are consistent in using the telephone to generate new sales leads and appointments, you will always get a return on investment.

And you don’t even need me or any other telemarketing company to do that for you – let me give you an example:

Let’s assume you find time to make just 10 calls per day, 5 days per week and do that 4 weeks per month – that’s 200 calls.

If you can do that for 11 months of the year, that’s a total of 2200 calls.

I think that even someone who has no cold-calling experience would be able to get at least 1 appointment per week i.e 44 appointments for the year.

Only you will know the next set of figures but, for the purposes of illustration:

Of these 44 appointments, you sell 25% (1 in 4) – this gives you 11 new clients.

All you do now, is take the 11 clients and multiply it by your average order amount and you can see how telemarketing can be a highly effective way of generating new business for your organisation.

In conclusion, as I hope I have demonstrated, that can only be achieved through consistent and ongoing calling.