Cold Call or Warm Call

A question I sometimes get asked, is whether you should email / post information to a prospect prior to calling or, should you just call them cold.

Everyone in the telemarketing business will have an opinion on this and here is my two pennies worth:
Personally, I don’t think it matters whether you send information or not – what I think is important, is that you carry out calling regularly!

I’ve worked with clients in the past who’ve spent a lot of time tweaking a mailshot or e-shot until – in their minds – it’s just right.

I understand the reasoning behind that but, at the end of the day, for the time spent tweaking, you may as well just pick up the phone and speak to someone!

That being said, I’ve worked on some successful campaigns were a really good mailer has gone out before hand and, by good, I mean it’s memorable for the right reasons:

“Oh yes, you sent that fold out mailer didn’t you?”

Bear in mind that nowadays, most people are swamped in emails and your email – no matter how great you think it is – may be sent to the trash can without being read.

Conversely, by calling before you send information, you can at least establish whether or not a prospect has a genuine need in your product / service – after all, to send a posted letter does cost money and if you are sending 100 + at a time, the costs soon add up.

To echo what I said earlier in the post, the key aspect of all this, is to make sure you are calling regularly – just 20 calls a day can make a huge difference to your sales pipeline.

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